Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Show Time!

Cripes - just looked at my new years resolutions that I posted here, oh dear....tried to find where to delete the post but couldn't. So, may actually need to try and achieve some of it instead.

The Townsville Show is at the end of this week and here are my two entries. The first is a "Fishermans Sampler Throw" and the second is my first attempt at tapestry crochet in the form of a tote bag.
Here's hoping they sell at the show, so I've got some more cash to feed the crochet habit. Although I did put quite a high price on both - a) to make sure if someone bought it they really really
wanted it and b) I can buy more yarn to do my charity stuff.
Entering the show is not the most dare-devil of "things to do before I die" I guess. But it's been done and am enjoying the process and experience. Fingers crossed we score a place. Otherwise, I'll have to hope my scones get across the line in the cooking section (another rush of blood from the woman who lives her life on the edge!) Stand back! You could get jammed and creamed!
Will keep you posted. (Hope you can stand the suspense.)
Now my crocheting is back to bedsocks and blankets - to donate to a local aged care facility.