Monday, January 21, 2008

Tammy the Improvised Merperson

She's 25 centimetres tall, a Pisces (naturally) and generally a nice piece of "tail".
I've been wanting to make a mermaid for ages (strange the goals one has really) - I've seen a couple of patterns around the place and had another kindly sent to me... I took their ideas on board and came up with my own.
I'm putting the pattern on very shortly (under "Members Patterns" - so if you go there and it isn't - just give me a poke.) Warning: I wrote it down as I went and it could have glitches! So if you find any - let me know.
So what's to become of Tammy? She's off to the Tamworth Women's Refuge (now you know where I got her name) to hopefully bring a little bit of light to a little girl's/boy's day.

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